Thursday, February 21, 2013

Twitter and Me

Using Twitter in the classroom setting is completely different than using it for personal entertainment. I have been an active twitter user for about two years now and I love it, so I was very comfortable having to use it in a classroom setting. Even though I have used Twitter before and am very familiar with the social networking site, it was still very different at the same time! I learned things that I didn't know before such as being able to use the wonderful program called tweet deck! Tweet deck is good if you're having a conversation on one certain topic or with a certain group of people. Using Twitter for an educational purpose can be very rewarding! You get to see different educators and students opinions and will most likely get to learn something new! Using twitter for educational purposes is something I know I will continue to use and will teach others about it as well.
Feel free to follow me on either my educational account: @VitaleSedu183
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