Thursday, May 9, 2013

My 21st Century Classroom

  • I chose the colors are red, green, blue, and yellow because a study shows that these colors help with academic achievement. Here is an article showing how the classroom design effects student learning I used circle desks because it gives the kids more space for the use of laptops, ipads, and all of their school work. This also is a great way for the kids to express their opinions to one another and do group work in this desk seating format. I put the teachers desk in the back of the classroom so that way the students focus is on the class assignment and the teaching for that day which would be presented in the front of the classroom. This setup of the classroom promotes a routine because each day the kids will work with the same classmates and have the same learning setting.The 21st Century Classrooms goal is to have the classroom be set up to the students interests.
    Organization matters in a classroom and contributes to learning because it is much easier to learn and to teach in an organized classroom where you know where everything is located and know how things work. Laptops will be available to the students. I will use these by bringing up the webpage or the
    technology tool for the day on the smart board that is located in the front of the classroom. I accommodate my students with exceptionalities by putting their desk group more towards my desk incase they are to have any questions and need easy access to me as their teacher and for me to be able to see if they are struggling more easily than I normally would. I will be sure to stay connected to my students through an email system, or through a Google account. Google is popular to all and would be very easy to have students learn about Google+, Chat, Google drive and all of the other tools Google has to offer. I plan on continuing to grow as a learner and a professional by keeping up to date on the latest teaching techniques through technology world, and teaching trainings that are available to me as an educator. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Interactive Whiteboards in Todays Classroom

I personally am not all for or against the Interactive Whiteboards. We had IWB's in my high school in a few different classrooms and the classes that my teachers had them in, they didn't use any special tools on the IWB that would enhance their lessons anymore than if they were to use a regular white board or computer. If a teacher found a great tool that they can use on an IWB that would really grab the student's attention, I believe that they can be very useful. It is all you make of it.
I feel that our society today thrives on technology. Everyone always wants the newest and the latest not only for personal entertainment, but this also now applies to schools with the technology that they use to use as teaching tools. Schools are willing to spend thousands of dollars on the latest technology to keep up with other schools that have it and to be on top. Do I think that they are wasting their money by purchasing IWB's for their classrooms? Not necessarily. I believe that the new technology is what the teachers and students are willing to make of it.
I think that the IWB's have all of the potential to make a great tool for classrooms everywhere, but only if the teachers and students are trained and taught to use them correctly and to their full potential. What is the point of spending all this money on something if you aren't using the item for everything it is capable of doing? It all comes down to what you make out of it in my eyes.
Do other teachers believe that IWB's raise student achievement? 
What are IWB's all about?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Differentiated Classroom

A Differentiated classroom to me, is a classroom that has different types of students with different learning styles. I believe that teachers can have a way of being able to teach each type of learning style by breaking up the the class into different parts with the same lesson behind it so that each student would understand in their own way. I have experienced this in the classroom in my high school by having special need students in a few of my classes. Technology plays different parts in a differentiated classroom because technology may not be the best way to teach some students, but it may be the best way to teach others. 

I believe that it shows a lot about a teachers passion when they are willing to teach a variety of students with different learning styles. It shows dedication and that they truly love what they do.If you are interested in having a differentiated classroom there are8 lessons learned that you can use as a reference.  A student can tell the difference between a teach who has passion for teaching in the classroom and a teacher that could care less. I believe that the energy that comes from your teacher is the deciding factor of how your students will learn in your classroom. You need to have a positive learning environment for all students.

People have their different views and different tips for Differentiated Classrooms

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Twitter and Me

Using Twitter in the classroom setting is completely different than using it for personal entertainment. I have been an active twitter user for about two years now and I love it, so I was very comfortable having to use it in a classroom setting. Even though I have used Twitter before and am very familiar with the social networking site, it was still very different at the same time! I learned things that I didn't know before such as being able to use the wonderful program called tweet deck! Tweet deck is good if you're having a conversation on one certain topic or with a certain group of people. Using Twitter for an educational purpose can be very rewarding! You get to see different educators and students opinions and will most likely get to learn something new! Using twitter for educational purposes is something I know I will continue to use and will teach others about it as well.
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Final Frontier

Today, technology is a very important aspect of our lives. Not only for entertainment purposes, but for educational purposes. As long as the world is growing, technology is going to continue to grow right along with it. Technology is becoming more and more important each day.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

All About Me

My name is Natalie Vitale, and I am from Erie, PA. I am nineteen years old and am currently a freshman at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. I am a duel major in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. I am really excited about my major choice. Teaching is something that I have always known that I have wanted to do. My dad has always been a role model for me and while being young I had gone to his classroom multiple of times and always loved it. I think that is where my interest in becoming a teacher began. 

I feel that technology in a school setting has become very important and should be apart of all students lives. At this point in life everything that we do almost always involves using some sort of technology. Being an early childhood major, I strongly believe that we should start having the students interact with technology at their young age because by the time that they are older they will know what they are doing and have no trouble, wether if it is for a job, or their school work. 

I believe that the way people teach and act towards their students strongly effects them more than people may ever know. A positive teacher in a students life is more than a teacher. It is a role model. It is someone that a student looks up to. The way you teach your students will effect them and hopefully positively impact them to where they will take what you have taught them with them and remember it, and to me that is very rewarding. 

My family
My biggest supporters

As a child in school, I remember my teachers would use a lot of School House Rock videos. They were a good way to get the main idea of the lesson's point across to the students.